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Why we Struck

Why We Struck tells the story of the first military intervention in Nigerian politics. The coup that took place on January 15, 1996, was conceived and planned together by Majors Nzeogwu, Ifeajuna, and Ademoyega. The execution of the plan had a lightning effect, and the coup provoked a reaction within the first hours of its … Why we Struck Read More »


The Vengeance of a Jilted Woman

This novel centers on Joy, a young secondary school leaver caught in the web of conflict. The story takes us back to the period of the civil war and later years with all its destructive tendencies. Joy is unable to save herself and her parents from the fierce brink of war: she watches her parents … The Vengeance of a Jilted Woman Read More »


The Unknown Vulture

Jacob as a moneylender and pig merchant prospers by taking advantage of other people’s misfortunes. But when he seeks to exploit the famine afflicting his village Tonga by lending money to the poor villagers with high interest, does not reckon with sacrilege his pigs would commit that will give the people an opportunity to feast … The Unknown Vulture Read More »


The Ultimate Price of Promiscuity

It is a mysterious Saturday, disaster strikes hard at the home of the Animasauns. The family’s Alsatian dog, a family friend, and the father of the woman of the house are silenced by the assassin’s bullets. Alas! The ultimate doom has been set loose! The nemesis of the promiscuous past of one of the Animasauns … The Ultimate Price of Promiscuity Read More »

The Mysteries of God

The Mysteries of God is a translation of D. 0. Fagunwa’s Adiitu Olodumare which was originally written in Yoruba. This captivating story revolves around the life of a man called Adiitu who had a humble background but eventually prospered through very mysterious means. He also passed through various trials and difficulties in the course of … The Mysteries of God Read More »

The Last of all Trials

Humankind seems forever doomed. Danger looms as cataclysm dangles on the human race like the proverbial sword of Damocles. Then the Supreme Universal The court, as a matter of ultimate emergency, sits to try some notoriously infamous accused persons. The outcome of the trial determines the future of humankind. This thrilling play employs many literary … The Last of all Trials Read More »

The Criminal Law In Nigeria (LIMP)

The book, Criminal Law in Nigeria, is an encompassing text with all the relevant issues-contemporary and recent trends in Criminal Law. The sixteen-chapter book is divided into six parts, and it considers the general principles of criminal law and criminal liabilities. it deals with offences against property, against the person, and the State. It covers … The Criminal Law In Nigeria (LIMP) Read More »


The Beautiful Little Tree

A little tree is very sad because the tall trees in the forest are treated very badly. It eventually finds happiness when it is befriended by a little boy.

Tapa The Girl Child

Tapa lives in a place where girls are not expected to get an education past a certain level. While other girls are preparing for marriage, she dreams of making a difference and becoming a nurse.

Tales of the Iroko Tree

Mr. Jones, a village teacher, has just been admitted to the university to further his education. Find out why his pupils at the Riverside County School, give him the nickname “Festac”.

Singing Shoes

As Ife looks forward to her birthday during Christmas, her father decides to add colour to the D-day with an unexpected present. The gift turns out to be full of surprises and the resulting visit by Brittany from Britain to become her friend altogether makes the occasion a joyous and memorable one for the Okeowos.

Seargent Ngorongo

Termites are diligent and highly organized social insects. In this exciting story, Sergeant Ngorongo narrates how he and other termite soldiers are able to defend their castle against enemy attacks in three great battles.

Riders on the Tiger’s Back

Riders on the Tiger’s Back is a political novel, which captures the ravenous nature of politics and politicians in a troubled land. With parallel storylines sequentially told and expertly laced together by the omniscient narrator, the novel presents two opposing political parties that battle for supremacy and control of the soul and resources of the … Riders on the Tiger’s Back Read More »

Rebuilding a Failed School System

Are you interested in the state of Nigerian education? Do you wonder if, and how quality assurance can be restored to education in Nigeria? This book, Rebuilding a Failed School System, expounds on topics such as the state of Nigerian education; life after schooling; remedial study centers; tutorial and correspondence courses; the restoration of functional … Rebuilding a Failed School System Read More »


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