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Wisdom Verses for Young Minds

Wisdom Verses for Young Minds is a comprehensive children’s poetry that is truly nationalistic. It is a book that covers a variety of issues that intend to shape the future of the young and make them patriotic citizens, who will grow to contribute to the development of the nation. The book also presents highly educative … Wisdom Verses for Young Minds Read More »

Through the Storm

Jacob, a university teacher frustrated by poor and seldom paid salaries, and faced with the nightmares of the inability to feed his small family, searches for a new job. A former classmate, now a business tycoon offers him a job as the General Manager of his group of companies. Through aware of the risk of … Through the Storm Read More »

The Women of Orena are Greater than the Gods

The Women of Orénà Are Wiser Than the Gods presents the collective resistance by the women of Orénà against the gods for undue revenge through armistice, cooperation, and adherence to deliberate abstinence from childbearing. They took advantage of being the only endowed source of procreation and threatened to kill the existence of the gods in … The Women of Orena are Greater than the Gods Read More »

The Story of Ajantala

A thrilling little story, which has elements of a parable. This innocent-looking tale is the mask of its authors who see beyond the chaos of the current system into a future of possibilities. Ajantala’s school experience is a simple but idealistic representation…

The Sly Guy

The Sly Guy is an intriguing story of a young, handsome guy called Sly, who every girl would want to be friends with. However, beneath the smooth and suave appearance of Sly, lies a very crafty and devious man. Chichi and Ngozi have an encounter with Sly and a lot of things begin to unfold.

The Seniors

Ijeoma looks forward to life in secondary school with great excitement. However, the stories she had heard about how seniors treat juniors haunt her. Is her first-day experience in the secondary school a confirmation of these stories?

The Runaway Bride

The Runaway Bride is a play that narrates the ordeals of young teenage girls given out in early marriage. Find out what happens to Ketura in this enthralling drama as she conquers the menace of forced marriage.

The Mysterious Boa

Ogani and his brother, Ochui went to the cassava farm together but it was only Ogani that returned, claiming that a mysterious boa has swallowed his brother on the farm. Their father and the elder of the village have vowed to avenge Ochui’s death, using spiritual means, but is the story really the truth? Or … The Mysterious Boa Read More »

The Incorruptible Judge

BOTH BOYS and girls love good plays and interesting stories. In many parts of this country, they look forward eagerly to the evenings when in the lovely moonlight, they join their parents and elders in narrating beautiful legends, the stories of their ancient ancestors, and interesting folklore. They will often tell and re-tell these stories … The Incorruptible Judge Read More »

The Future Within Us

This book portrays the values of education, family unity and patience in life. It also treats the importance of nurturing talent for development and effectiveness in life.

The Fall of Li

In this story, the tortoise is able to prove to the lion that strength is not measured by size. He defeats the lion in a fight and humiliates him in the presence of other animals. The tortoise takes home all the food that the lion has worked for.

The Chief of Drums

This story teaches us that pride goes before a fall. Children will surely learn that one does not need to be proud of the potential God has given one because there are many others with greater potential who could replace one. This is what happened to Siweku, when his Sister, Okpoho-ukwu replaces him as the … The Chief of Drums Read More »

The Black Masquerade

Catherine is in love. She is a young American woman drawn to the heart of Africa for the first time by her love for Emeka and her desire to have her own family. Far from home and blinded by love, she agrees to the new name given to her by the gods and becomes Nnenna. … The Black Masquerade Read More »

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