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A Journey Foretold

This first Memoir of Amiel Modupc Fagbulu spans six decades; from 1926-1986. The journey is not only about the uncanny and highly thrilling life story of a man that has made a great impact on educational development in Nigeria, but also of the great men who have made remarkable contributions to education in Nigeria from … A Journey Foretold Read More »


A tale of The Five Fingers

It is an adaptation of a folk tale to teach children between the ages of 5 - 14.

Abiding Dreams

Jasper comes with a passion and flair that shoots him into instant fame. His first play in junior secondary school earns his school a national award. Consequently, he finds a haven in Theatre Arts, but his father insists he must be a medical doctor. Where does his sympathy swing: his passion and talent or his … Abiding Dreams Read More »


Abo and the Crocodile

Two very naughty children, Abo and his Sister, Oku never listen to their parents. One day they decide to go to the river with some friends. When Abo is attacked by a crocodile they learn the consequences of their disobedience.

AWO The Last Conversation

It is said that the secrets of great men are in their stories. These words are proven profoundly true in Makinde’s generous exposé of his last conversation with the great Chief Obafemi Awolowo. While it is one thing to directly witness or hear about the actions of a great man, it is a higher and … AWO The Last Conversation Read More »


Beautiful Sasalitta & Workbook

Beautiful Sassalitta is a captivating story about a beautiful girl popularly called Miss Sassa. She parades beauty and talents to the admiration of other animals and also commands the respect of all and sundry in the village of Animaland. She becomes proud and snubs everywhere until the coming of the hurricane strips her of all … Beautiful Sasalitta & Workbook Read More »

Beyond the End

It started like child’s play but later transformed into what can be called a dream to be pursued. I struggled to see the dream come true but all my efforts yielded no fruit. I was frustrated, having no clue as to the next step to take. I chose perseverance and endurance as friends, though we … Beyond the End Read More »

Bountiful Harvest

The villages of Umuofia and Owu have their big losses after the war, but the losses of Owu are bigger in proportion than expected. While Umuofia now progresses, Owu steadily declines. The people are in great distress and discomfort. This prompts the Chief Priest of Owu to commit two virgin girls to appease the gods, … Bountiful Harvest Read More »

Changing Destinies

The future looks bleak for 15yr old Aranna and her mother, who struggles to make ends meet. Find out how Arianna’s life is changed forever when she becomes friends with Nana and Selma.

Citizen Parrot

Tunde has a parrot which he is very fond of. The Parrot repeats everything he and his friends say. Tunde loves his parrot’s company so much that he almost prefers it to people.

Dream Chasers

The idea behind the Nelson Fiction Series was to provide a platform for writers to publish with a mainstream publishing house here in Nigeria but with the international reach usually associated with publishers in Cape Town, London, and New York. The intention was to bring out six titles a year which would chiefly consist of … Dream Chasers Read More »

Dreams of Tomorrow

Dreams of Tomorrow is a fiction based on the influence of childhood experiences on the growth, development, and future life of a Nigerian child. It is capable of helping a young person build worthwhile ambition and to follow this up with determination to achievement. The vocabulary and general presentation are aimed at post-primary school readers; … Dreams of Tomorrow Read More »

Eto on the Hilltop

Eto quarrels and fights a lot. At playtime, when other children enjoy one another, Eto is left to himself. How will Eto become accepted? Nelson Moral Series is a collection of stories aimed at correcting the declining moral values in our society. To have a just society, which predicates knowing wrong and right, moral values … Eto on the Hilltop Read More »

Everything A Teenage Girl Should Know

Everything a Teenage Girl Should Know exposes teenage girls and those approaching the teenage age to all the changes they should expect in their bodies and in their thinking and perception of themselves and even those around them. The book tries to explain to girls the dangers of myths and old wives’ tales that endanger … Everything A Teenage Girl Should Know Read More »

Fake Magician

Akpan is a fake magician. He performs fake magic. Some of his magic works because they are based on simple intelligence. One day he runs into trouble when his magic fails. He is arrested by the police. This story tells us that magic is all about trick and that it does not pay to be … Fake Magician Read More »

Hide and Seek

Ma Egwuzo loves her grandchildren and they love her too. One day they decides to join in their game to play a game of hide and seek with her. and have fun until she decides to join in their game.

His Hands were Tied

This book gives an insight into the intricate maneuverings in the civil service where personal rivalry, intrigues, and vindictiveness were rampant. The post-colonial civil service could not radically change from the colonial system which was guided by General Orders and Financial Instructions. These were regarded as the bibles for the service. The ‘General Orders’ was … His Hands were Tied Read More »

History and Leadership Education 2

History and Leadership Education Book 2 is a history education book which delves into the political Developments in Nigeria; Inter-relationships of some centers of civilization in pre-colonial Nigeria; The geographical environment such as Ghana empire; Mali Empire and songhai Empire.


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